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TLC Small Groups

Our church offers two small group opportunities at this time. The first group is for Senior Adults. This group meets every other Thursday @ 4:00 PM for a time of fellowship, Bible Study and prayer. They meet in the home of J.R. & Willodene Marrs. The Marr’s home is located @ 830 S Lyon Ave in San Jacinto. If you need directions please call (951) 954-9151.


Our second group meets weekly on Sunday nights @ 5 PM. This group meeting starts with a pot-luck dinner and then a lesson. If you would like more information about this group, please call Bob Trammell @ (951) 652-1363.

Prayer Ministry

We believe in prayer and we invite everyone to be a part of our prayer ministry. First of all we have two prayer times. The first is on Wednesday mornings @ 10 AM at the home of Flex & Liz Avalos. Their home is located just around the corner from the church @ 259 Brown Street, San Jacinto. If you do need directions, please call (951) 654-0624.


Our second Prayer time is at the Church on Wednesday Nights @ 6 PM. We gather at the altars of the church and lift up the needs and prayer requests of the church.


We also have a prayer chain ministry. If you have a prayer request or praise, please contact Brenda Ritchie at Brenda.Ritchie50@gmail.com.


We also pray every day at 2:42 PM. If you would like one of our 2:42 bands, please let Pastor Ritchie know.

Discipleship Ministry

Shepherd’s House Church

of the Nazarene


Equipping YOU for Life

Discipleship Ministry Chart


“Making Christlike Disciples

to the Nations”

Worshiping Christ – Our worship service is designed to bring you into the presence of God through the biblical teaching of God’s Word. We encourage those who find Christ as their personal Savior in our services to take the next step of learning what it means to be a Christian.


Our church believes that as Christians (Believers) we are to be disciples and we are to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples that know Christ, that are growing in Christ, that are serving Christ and who are sharing Christ. To “Equip YOU for life” in Jesus Christ and in the church we offer a four step discipleship process.


The first step in our discipleship process is to get to know Christ. First base is a four week basic Bible Study that will help you understand what it means to be a Christian.


The second step in our discipleship process is learning how to grow in Christ. Second base is a four week basic Bible Study that helps you develop your relationship to Christ and others.


The third step in our discipleship process is finding your place of service. We are a body and we believe that everyone has a function within the church. Third base is a four week study where you discover your spiritual gifts and strengths. It is where you will learn how to use your gifts and strengths to strengthen the church and our mission of making Christlike disciples to the nations.


This last step in our discipleship process is the most rewarding step. It is a four week study where we teach you how to share Christ with others. Home base is where you are willing to be used by God to help others come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


If you’re interested in going through this “Equipping YOU for Life” Discipleship series, we have disciples ready to walk you through these lessons one-on-one. Call the church office, or see Pastor Ritchie for more details.

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